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Dell OptiPlex 3011 – all-in-one – Core i5


Dell OptiPlex 3011 – all-in-one – Core i5 3470S (# of Threads 4. Processor Base Frequency 2.90 GHz. Max Turbo Frequency 3.60 GHz) RAM = 4 GB – HDD 500 GB – LED 20″

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The Dell OptiPlex 3011 all-in-one desktop is a no-nonsense work PC, updated with Windows 10 Pro, making it a smart pick for businesses large and small.

Made for the business user, the OptiPlex 3011 is a no-nonsense machine, designed to bring the flexibility of a touch screen and all-in-one desktop to the office, but not the entertainment options. As such, where most all-in-one designs feature extra-large displays with full HD or better resolution, the OptiPlex 3011 has a 20-inch screen with 1,600-by-900 resolution—it's still large enough to multitask with side by side windows and the resolution will still deliver 720p content. Dell has equipped the OptiPlex 3011 with a third-generation 3.3GHz Intel Core i5 3470S processor. In multimedia tasks like Handbrake and Photoshop, the OptiPlex 3011 proved adequate, finishing the tests in 1 minute 7 seconds and 5:04, respectively. The OptiPlex 3011 is a simple, workaday all-in-one desktop for the small business user.


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